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sasha, matt & a teeny tiny rubie.

10th of December 2010

I had such fun shooting these three. Miss Rubie had love heaped on her in big helpings – you can tell this is a daily event; she just laps it all up :) These guys were absolute naturals and were so easy to photograph. I enjoyed every moment of our session!

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ben, ange & sienna.

01st of September 2010

If it looks like they didn’t stop smiling the whole session…that’s cause they didn’t :) (There was only the odd sultry expression upon request. And don’t they do both to perfection). Miss Sienna is one of the happiest one year old’s you could ever wish to meet…and her mummy and daddy aren’t all bad either.

Happy, happy souls.

I particularly adore this set of Sienna and her mummy.


It was so hard to narrow it down to this many for the blog….so so many images that I adore. Thank you guys, you were fantastic xo

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petite princess parlour

09th of July 2010
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the baxter family

07th of July 2010

Poor sad and neglected InHouse Studios blog :( To say that In the Booth has taken over the studio time-wise, would be an understatement!

There are so many sessions to post and so little time! I thought I better start where I left off with this gorgeous family. I have been photographing these two every year since there were teeny tiny premie babies and I look forward to seeing them again every year. Once again I was shocked with how much they’ve grown…but it made my heart ache to see how much they love each other as brother and sister. One of the sweetest relationships you will ever see :)

Hoping to keep the blogging mood going – more to come!

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new year, new things.

03rd of February 2010

The new In the Booth website is nearly go for launch! The booth had well and truly outgrown it’s current home on the studio website and it’s time to give it some space all of it’s own.

You may have noticed some slight changes already in preparation for our new site – our new logo is up and running and all the booth blog posts have been shifted over to the new site. It’s getting so close, we can’t wait!!

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summer holiday.

14th of January 2010

InHouse Studios and In the Booth are taking a break from the office until the first of February. We will be responding to email enquiries daily and phone calls when phone service permits – just leave a message and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can!

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fun times four.

14th of November 2009

Last time I photographed this lovely family there were just two gorgeous kiddos – imagine my luck when I heard that next time there was going to be four! Two year old twins Freddie and Sallie have joined their adorable older brother Archie and sister Phoebe. I just love how little brother and sister are mirror images of their older siblings.





This one just says ’summer’ to me :)



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two gorgeous.

01st of November 2009

Meet Harriet and Spencer. After thier mummy and daddy found out they were expecting twins, they barely had time for the news to sink in before their precious bubs were born at 27 weeks. After an extended stay in hospital and time to settle in at home, Harriet and Spencer had been out in the big wide world for three months by the time of our session.

I really wanted to capture some newborn style images for their mum and dad after their long stay in hospital and also because they are still pretty teeny tiny. I was unsure of how it would go because of their age but after some rocking and dummy-love we got it happening. And I did a little happy dance when these first shots worked out like I had in my head :)


Spencer is teeny tiny but he makes his sister look teeny-tinier!


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the edwardson family.

31st of October 2009

What to do when a family is just way too gorgeous. Take five million photos, that’s what.









One of my favourites – about 30 seconds before we lost the light. I just love the glow :)


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two pretty girls.

20th of October 2009

Aren’t they just :)






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